Dr. Olivia Roth

Marine Evolutionary Biology

Why males and females exist and how sex roles have evolved belong to the most controversial issues in evolutionary biology. I examine the evolution of male pregnancy in pipefishes and seahorses (syngnathids) by comparing the genetic and immunological adaptations for the unique male pregnancy with female pregnancy evolution. Insight into joint and distinct loss of traits, involving the recruitment of genes with a different original task along with the establishment of novel genes, will help to unravel convergent evolution of parental investment and pregnancy.

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Dr. Olivia Roth

Kiel University

Tel.: +49 (0) 431-880-xxxx
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Selected Publications

  • Beemelmanns A, Roth O (2016) Bacteria-type-specific biparental immune priming in the pipefish Syngnathus typhle. Ecology & Evolution epub ahead of print.
  • Haase D, et al. (2013) Absence of major histocompatibility complex class II mediated immunity in pipefish, Syngnathus typhle: evidence from deep transcriptome sequencing. Biology Letters 9(2):20130044.
  • Roth O, Keller I, Landis SH, Salzburger W, Reusch TBH (2012) Hosts Are Ahead in a Marine Host–Parasite Coevolutionary Arms Race: Innate Immune System Adaptation in Pipefish Syngnathus Typhle Against Vibrio Phylotypes. Evolution 66(8):2528–2539.
  • Roth O, Klein V, Beemelmanns A, Scharsack JP, Reusch TBH (2012) Male Pregnancy and Biparental Immune Priming. The American Naturalist 180(6):802–814.
  • Roth O, Scharsack JP, Keller I, Reusch TBH (2011) Bateman’s principle and immunity in a sex-role reversed pipefish. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 24(7):1410–1420.