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Kiel Evolution Center is an interactive platform that integrates and coordinates evolutionary activities in research, teaching, and public outreach in Kiel and surroundings.

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11. May 2021

New insights into the evolution of the immune system

Research team from the Kiel Evolution Center at Kiel University investigates the diversity of immune functions of closely related C-type lectin-like domain genes in the nematode C. elegans read more

15. March 2021

SymbNET: European cooperation in symbiosis research

900,000 Euros in EU funds for international consortium including Kiel University for research on host-microbe symbioses read more

23. February 2021

The lesser evil: Start of an evolutionary success story

CRC 1182 research team from Plön and Kiel proposes new explanation for the origin of the symbiotic coexistence of complex organisms and their microbial co-inhabitants read more

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